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One endgame would be getting 80 to 90% vaccination and/or previously infected. That's the endgame. And vaccination is so much better than having infection, because some people will die from infection.”
Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD

Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD, a coronavirus expert and UI professor of microbiology and immunology, tells Business Insider in a story about managing expectations for what’s ahead in the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Really what we're seeing is that patients of all walks of life, all ages, all types of comorbidities, from completely healthy to people with chronic illness, they're all presenting with various degrees of this.”
Alejandro Pezzulo, MD

Alejandro Pezzulo, MD, a member of the UI Post-COVID-19 Clinic, tells Iowa Public Radio about resources for COVID-19 “long haulers,” or those who are experiencing long-term symptoms of COVID-19 such as fatigue and brain fog. The UI clinic has seen hundreds of patients from across the state since opening in summer 2020. 

In science we have learned that everything is a Goldilocks system.”
Ashutosh Mangalam, PhD

Ashutosh Mangalam, PhD, UI associate professor of pathology, describes to Inverse magazine his study showing a diet rich in isoflavone protects against multiple sclerosis (MS)-like symptoms in a mouse model. But for those who are worried about MS, he says there is no reason to start eating a bean-rich diet just yet and that everything is good in moderation. 

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