Children’s Hospital brace shop, 1920

P.G. Mott constructs a brace for a child in the Children's Hospital brace shop, May 1920
Photo provided by F.W. Kent Collection of Photographs, University Archives, University of Iowa Libraries.

P.G. Mott fits a brace for a patient in the Children’s Hospital brace shop. The shop was outfitted with all the tools and machinery needed to cut and shape braces, casts, and other appliances for orthopedic patients. Mott was largely self-taught, having only completed a single course in experimental anatomy before running the shop for 17 years. He had a natural talent for constructing the supportive devices and could especially relate to his patients, as he also had a permanent leg injury. 

Background information is featured in John C. Gerber’s book, A Pictorial History of the University of Iowa.