Nicholas Harrell Anton (70MD), was a U.S. Air Force flight surgeon from 1973-1975 in Klamath Falls, Oregon. In 1975, he started an internal medicine practice with medical school classmate George Bisbee(70MD) in Santa Rosa, California. Since retiring in 2009, Anton has been active in the Physicians for a National Health Program. 

Shirley M. Mueller (71MD, 74R, 76R, 77F, 78F), adjunct neurology professor at Indiana University, wrote Inside the Head of a Collector: Neuropsychological Forces at Play. The book aims to help collectors and art professionals understand their own decision-making.  

George Everett, (75MD, 79F, MS83) was awarded mastership by the American College of Physicians in 2019 and elected governor of the Florida chapter of the American College of Physicians. His four-year term begins in April.


Paul Pomrehn (75MD, 79MS), who currently serves as a visiting professor in the UI Department of Psychiatry, received the UI College of Public Health’s 2019 Outstanding Alumni Award. 


Steve Meyer (84MD), an orthopedic surgeon in Sioux City, Iowa, recently took his 50th trip to Tanzania with Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministries, the interdenominational Christian service organization he co-founded.

Matthew Jimenez (89MD), an orthopedic surgeon at the Illinois Bone & Joint  Institute, enjoys creating art with paint, charcoal, and ink. Although painting has become a hobby, much of his artwork is inspired by his daily work. “Surgery is an art predicated on science,” he says. “My art has made me a better surgeon. I draw and paint what I know and love.” 

Matthew Jimenez artwork
Matthew Jimenez artwork


John C. Cheville (90 MD, 94R), professor of pathology at the Mayo Clinic, was named a 2019 Distinguished Clinician, one of the highest awards bestowed on Mayo Clinic faculty. 

Bruce Rowe (94MD) published a memoir detailing his life growing up in Iowa, training at the UI Carver College of Medicine, and his career in family medicine. The book is titled Everything Under the Sun: A Family Doctor's Reflections on Life, Love, Loss and Renewed Hope in Medicine. 

Kristy Weber (96R), chief of orthopedic oncology at Penn Medicine, was elected president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 2019. She is the first woman to hold this title in 87 years. 


Carol Bunten (00MD) runs an obstetrics and gynecology practice at Vancouver Clinic, in Vancouver, Washington, while also serving as a board director at the multispecialty clinic. 

Christopher Buresh (01MD, 06R, 12MPH), UI professor of emergency medicine, received the UI College of Public Health’s 2019 Outstanding Alumni Award.

Brad Erickson (03MD, 11MA), UI associate professor of urology, has been remotely providing health care to Iowa inmates over the past decade. Initially, his telemedicine appointments were over the phone, but now he’s able to video chat with inmates, a change he considers a major improvement. 


Michelle Barry Aurelius (04R) was named chief medical examiner for North Carolina, serving a population of over 10 million.


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