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As we enter the third year of the pandemic, this WHO report should serve as an urgent call to action. Investing more resources in IPC programs will not only improve pandemic response, it will reduce morbidity, mortality, and global costs from all HAIs.”
Dan Diekema, MD, MS, UI infectious disease specialist, tells Medscape in a story regarding a World Health Organization report on eliminating health care setting infections.
Dan Diekema
Dan Diekema, MD, MS
The biggest takeaway from this is that disease-specific telehealth is something that can be easy to do and is very likely associated with good outcomes. It hits multiple outcomes—things that are excellent for patients and things that are also excellent for health care systems.”
Andrew D. Bryant, MD, clinical assistant professor of internal medicine, tells the American Medical Association about a study he led that found the UI Health Care COVID-19 Home Treatment Program was effective and cost-efficient.
Andrew Bryant
Andrew Bryant, MD
Normal pregnancy goes to 40 weeks. Most places throughout the United States and the world feel that babies that are born before 24 weeks gestation really have a minimal chance of surviving. At the University of Iowa, since 2006, we have been caring very successfully for babies born as early as 22 weeks, which is 18 weeks before their due date.”
Jonathan M. Klein, MD, a neonatologist and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit medical director at UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital, told the Guinness Book of World Records in a story about the world’s most premature twins.
Jonathan Klein
Jonathan Klein, MD
We're in this constant sizzle. The pandemic is still here with us. We're still in high community transmission rates and levels, which means there's still a fair amount of people who are becoming infected out in the community.”
Karen Brust, MD, hospital epidemiologist, tells the Des Moines Register. The state reported 5,187 new COVID-19 cases over seven days in early July.
Karen Brust
Karen Brust, MD
When we started this 10 years ago, we were probably one of the first academic institutions to set up an LGBTQ+ clinic. Since then, there have been more and more clinics that have started, in academics and outside, which is wonderful.”
Katie Imborek (08MD, 11R) professor of internal medicine and co-director of the LGBTQ Clinic, tells the American Medical Association.
Katie Imborek
Katie Imborek, MD

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